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Interior Studio is an exclusive high-end luxury interior design firm with expertise in residential and commercial interiors design, based in Kochi, Kerala.

Interior Studio embodies clarity, discretion and trust. Our exclusive interior design service is individually tailored to each of our client’s needs, tastes and aspirations. This approach has led us to create many exquisite home environments for our clients.

With a sustainable and comprehensive approach, our company has built itself on strong relationships with clients, architects, craftspeople, contractors and vendors, and has garnered a reputation for delivering high quality designs be it modern, contemporary or traditional.

Our designers successfully participate in projects from the initial concepts, furniture and decorative item selections, decorative material selections, construction document production, budgeting, city submittals, project coordination – always with precision, professionalism, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and expert project management skills.



  • Client meeting
  • Out line project scope
  • Stages of work or Condition of work
  • Outline time Schedule and budget
  • Select space to deal with



  • Detail interior Survey
  • Study of present site conditions
  • Obtain client ideas
  • Preliminary suggestions
  • Schedule Design work


  • Develop Preliminary design
  • Develop Preliminary plans
  • Review with client
  • Revise Preliminaries
  • Obtain client approval



  • Prepare Interior layout plan
  • Prepare Furniture plan
  • Prepare Elevation drawings
  • Discussion and client approval
  • Interior 3D views
  • Electrical drawings
  • Select materials
  • Select color and Finishes
  • Estimate and refine cost
  • Make presentation to Client
  • Review Budget with client
  • Make Revision as necessary
  • Obtain client approval


  • Prepare construction Drawings
  • Prepare specifications
  • Gather final cost estimates
  • Make time schedule
  • Prepare and issue purchase order


  • Supervise constructions
  • Coordinate work and deliveries
  • Supervise installation
  • List error and defects
  • Supervise Correction
  • Handing over


  • Make adjustment and changes if necessary
  • Prepare pre move-in

Dinker Prabhu

Dinker Prabhu holds a Post Graduate degree in Construction Engineering and Management and possesses several years of experience in the Construction industry. He was a Senior Project Manager at Sobha Developers and has several projects including ITC Fortune Solitaire Hotel, Infosys Trivandrum  in his portfolio.

Dinker is the head of Constructions at Viya properties and handles the project Planning, Execution and Co-ordination. Through his work, he aims to set a bench mark in the Construction industry in terms of Cost, Quality and Time.
Dinker loves to spend time with his family and long drives on weekends with his favourite music in the background, energizes him to a fresh new start of the week. He is also a great sports buff.

Dilip P Nair

Dilip P Nair, Our co-founder and Director of new Projects & Public Relations, has a sharp eye for striking good property deals and a passion to deliver beautiful living environment. He is a great connector and enjoys being with his friends and family the most. He loves travelling and exploring new places.
These qualities of Dilip’s has helped him identify new projects and some of the most lucrative investment opportunities in the real estate markets of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Before moving into real estate consulting, Dilip worked with product development companies like SAP ,Oracle Financial Services and Erstwhile PSI Data Systems in various capacities. He is currently the head of Product Development, Conceptualization and Business Development at Viya Properties.

Dilip swears by the amount of knowledge hidden at grassroot levels in our country and dreams to transform Viya Properties into a company that builds high quality homes focused on design, comfort and environmental protection.

Vasanth Bhat

Vasanth, our Co-founder and director is the Head of Sales & Operations at Viya Properties. He has a “Never Give up” attitude, and according to him, it is the strong faith in the supreme force (many call it God) and the belief that everything in this universe happens with a reason that allows him to keep moving forward.

After his Post Graduation in Management from XLRI, specializing in Sales, Vasanth gained over a decade of experience working with companies like Tata Motors and Bharti Airtel. Vasanth quit Airtel as the Business Head of Kerala circle in 2011 to “live life his own way”. His vision of Viya Properties is to blend innovative modern building techniques and traditional Vedic Vaastu Shastra, specializing in cost effective environment friendly structures.

Vasanth loves sports and is an ardent fan of Manchester United and Formula One Car Racing. He is a great lover of adventure sports and enjoys river rafting, mountaineering and horse riding.

Arun Antony

Our Co-founder and director, Arun is a trained investment professional. Identifying new areas of investment has always excited Arun even from his childhood days. Even as a school boy, Arun used to make investments that would give him enough returns to cover his “additional” needs. During the early years of his globe-trotting career with multinationals like IBM and General Motors, Arun worked with professionals from different parts of the world like the US, Australia, the UAE, the UK and the rest of Europe.
Slowly he realized that he doesn’t belong to the corporate world, and quit his career to return to his roots in pursuit of his dream: to find more and more arenas for investment.
Arun is an early riser, a disciplined badminton player, a devout yoga practitioner and a movie freak who finds time to watch all his favourite new releases. He believes in the power of Ayurveda and other traditional practices of our country and supports an NGO called Karmabodhaka that works for the revival of Sanskrit and classical Ayurveda.  On free weekends, he mentors aspiring management students.

Interior Studio embodies clarity, discretion and trust. Our exclusive interior design service is individually tailored to each of our client’s needs, tastes and aspirations. This approach has led us to create many exquisite home environments for our clients.

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